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Sponsorship and Supporters

The 2014 Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival presents a great opportunity to show your support to Australia’s cultural heritage. Join major sponsors Manningham City Council and Mia Mia Gallery by becoming a sponsor. A variety of sponsorship opportunities exist.

Sponsorship and support can be offered in many different ways. Sponsoring a stage, the live sculpting exhibition, the artists-in-residence display, or one of the many other great activities during the festival is one way of showing support. There are many others ways to show support in the lead up to and at the festival.

to discover some of the specific opportunities presented to businesses, organisations and individuals that would like to get involved.

If you are interested please contact us at [email protected] or via our contact page and we can provide you with more details.

Major Sponsors

Mia Mia Aboriginal Gallery

Curator, Colin McKinnon-Dodd, has spent the greater part of his life fostering and developing Aboriginal artists to provide them with the pathway of recognition and reward for the art they create. An established indigenous artist in his own right, Colin understands what is necessary to support and protect the rights of Aboriginal artists. Mia Mia Gallery has been established for 17 years and is constantly striving to provide revenue and support for the artists while providing the general public with the opportunity to engage and experience the world’s oldest art form. For more info please visit

Manningham City Council

In keeping with the spirit of the Federal Parliament’s apology to Indigenous Australians, Council’s vision for Manningham is: A community that recognises and respects the unique place and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and that provides equal life chances for all.

Council acknowledges that it is crucial to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians on life expectancy, health, educational achievement and employment opportunities, and Council is committed to contributing to the achievement of this goal.

2013 Sponsor List

We thank all of our sponsors for their generous support …

Manningham City Council (Major Sponsor)

Mia Mia Gallery (Major Sponsor)

Aboriginal Artists Development Fund inc (Major Sponsor)

The Didge Circle (Major Sponsor)

The Pelligra Group (Major Sponsor – Yarra Yarra Stage)

Bendigo Bank – Templestowe (Major Sponsor – Kids/Community Stage)

Colin McKinnon-Dodd (Major Sponsor)

Gay von Bertouche (Major Sponsor)

Ray Higgins (Major Sponsor)

Leo Scott (Major Sponsor)

Coates Hire (Major Sponsor)

Coles – (The Pines)

Gary Radler – Photography

Bunnings – Eltham

Stockland - (The Pines)

CEPU – Communications Electrical & Plumbers Union

Morrison Kleeman - (Real Estate Boards)

Bruce Rogers - Didges by Bruce

Ray White (Doncaster) - (Real Estate Boards)

Mr. Milky – (Metro Milk Supplies)

SES - State Emergency Services

Core Impact – Personal Training


Templestowe Plumbing - Plumbing

Templestowe Building & Home Repairs – Building Maintenance &  Repairs

Gasong Gently – Gas Bottle Drum

Happy Nuclear – Website

Karinga Nursery (Truck-mounted Stage)

House of Biskota - Biscuits Cakes Delicasies

YogaBugs – Passes/Prizes

Festival Organisers

Aboriginal Artists Development Fund Inc. (AADF)

The AADF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Aboriginal cultural heritage through the Arts. It’s primary objectives are to preserve traditional Aboriginal Art and it’s history, foster sustainable culture through youth development and mentoring, develop and maintain sustainable revenue streams for Aboriginal artists and their families, protect the integrity, ethics and cultural authenticity of the artwork and the industry that maintains it on behalf of the artists, provide a greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture through Education and Community Engagement Programs, Workshops, Events and Activities, advocate to the relevant authorities including all levels of government to ensure the highest level of respect, recognition, support and funding is provided to Aboriginal artists and their communities to ensure Australia’s own cultural heritage is preserved and fostered for a sustainable future.

More info regarding the AADF can be found at

The Didge Circle

The Didge Circle meets regularly on the 2nd. Sunday each month at the Mia Mia Gallery to conduct workshops in Didgeridoo playing and appreciation. The workshops are open for anyone to attend. These workshops have been facilitated by some of Australia’s leading didgeridoo players and provide a hands-on method of engaging with Aboriginal culture. More information can be obtained at the Mia Mia website .