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Festival Information

The Aboriginal Artists Development Fund inc. in conjunction with The Didge Circle, with major sponsorship from Mia Mia Gallery and Manningham City Council, the Pelligra Group and the Bendigo Bank are proud to bring you the fifth annual Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival. The festival is a day long celebration and showcases one of the world’s oldest wind instruments, the Didgeridoo. It’s a day of entertainment for the whole family with live music and dance, stalls, workshops, kids activities, fabulous food and a concert featuring world-class performers and musicians.

The festival is a celebration that recognises, acknowledges and respects the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land on which the festival is being held. We also recognise, acknowledge and respect the Yolngu people of NE Arnhem Land as the traditional owners and custodians of the Didgeridoo.

The festival is part funded through the Manningham City Council’s Community Development Grant Program for which we appreciate their ongoing support.

The event will run from 10am to 10pm at Stiggants Reserve located at the corner of Yarra Street and Stiggant Street in Warrandyte Victoria on Sunday 6th. April 2014.

Workshops will run during the festival that will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the techniques involved in playing the didgeridoo and well as other Aboriginal cultural experiences including painting, dance and boomerang throwing.

There’s always a great variety of stalls including terrific tucker (food) through to art & crafts and more. There is always much on offer at the festival. For information on setting up your own stall (limited amount of spots available) please contact us .

Cultural entertainment and activities for the kids will run during the festival. Activities include, boomerang throwing, story telling, and face painting. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of Australia’s most renowned Indigenous Artists and experience first hand their emotional journey through their paintings.

The Festival will be opened with a traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ and will feature performances by top local & international musicians. Live performances by the renowned Ganga Giri, Bruce Rogers, Ondrej Smeykal, Tongue’N'Groove, Rael Birkett, Stax, One Fire Dance Troupe, Dr.Didge, Sanshi, Breath, Bunna Lawrie, Shamantara, Jessie Lethbridge, the Didge Circle, Koji Matsumoto, Ann Norman, Lachie Phelps, Krazy Koala, James Daley, Brent Watkins, Rachel Shields, Heath James-Blade and the Tye Brothers.

More information on the entertainment programme and activities you can get involved with, will be posted on this website as the details are confirmed and there is also opportunities to sponsor aspects of this fantastic event, so please contact us if you require more information on Sponsorship.

or Download a copy of the flyer. Please help us promote this great festival by circulating this poster via email as well as putting it up where it can be seen by your work collegues, friends, school mates, team members. Anywhere.


Festival Directors

Peter Matic – Founder and Co-ordinator of The Didge Circle and

Colin McKinnon-Dodd – Curator, Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery

in conjuction with the Aboriginal Artists Development Fund inc.

Aboriginal Artists Development Fund Inc. (AADF)

The AADF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Aboriginal cultural heritage through the Arts. It’s primary objectives are to preserve traditional Aboriginal Art and it’s history, foster sustainable culture through youth development and mentoring, develop and maintain sustainable revenue streams for Aboriginal artists and their families, protect the integrity, ethics and cultural authenticity of the artwork and the industry that maintains it on behalf of the artists, provide a greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture through Education and Community Engagement Programs, Workshops, Events and Activities, advocate to the relevant authorities including all levels of government to ensure the highest level of respect, recognition, support and funding is provided to Aboriginal artists and their communities to ensure Australia’s own cultural heritage is preserved and fostered for a sustainable future.

More info regarding the AADF can be found at

The Didge Circle

The Didge Circle meets regularly on the Second Sunday of each Month to conduct workshops in Didgeridoo playing and appreciation. The workshops are open for anyone to attend. These workshops have been facilitated by some of Australia’s leading didgeridoo players and provide a hands-on method of engaging with Aboriginal culture. More information can be obtained by phoning Peter at 0408 343 433


The Didge Circle is a group of keen didgeridoo players from all over Australia and around the world, who have been meeting at Mia Mia (pronounced “My-a My-a” = Aboriginal for ”shelter”)  for the past 7 years, sharing and swapping techniques of this iconic instrument. The didgeridoo festival has moved to Stiggants Reserve Warrandyte and the Festival each year showcases the results of the previous years of workshops, where the custodians of the didgeridoo, the Yolngu people from NE Arnhem Land, frequently tutor all whom express interest in learning the Didgeridoo from the very best of the best.

The Didge Circle

The philosophy of Mia Mia  is to express, through art, the unique richness of Australian Aboriginal art and culture.

Visitors to Mia Mia could share and discover how artists’ works and performances preserve, enhance and convey the

message of a proud culture to the next generation of today’s Aboriginal people and the wider Australian community

and International visitors.  For more information please go to

This year’s Didgeridoo & Cultural Festival will be held at  Stiggants Reserve on the corner of Yarra and Stiggants Streets in Warrandyte Vic. 3113 defies its suburban setting backing into the Yarra River parklands providing bush habitat for Kangaroos, Echida, Possum, Platypus and a plethora of native parrots & birds such as the Tawny Frogmouth nesting in view of the Sound Shell. And all this within 30km of the CBD, and an easy walk from the Warrandyte Village.
Westerfolds Park